Bodywork & Myofascial Release

Benefits of bodywork

  • relieves tension
  • reduces soreness & fatigue
  • reduces trigger/stress points in muscle & fascia
  • creates separation of muscle fibers
  • increases joint mobility & flexibility
  • improves circulation of blood & lymph
  • enhances balance & posture
  • enhances muscle tone
  • releases endorphins
  • supports the immune system
~ just to name a few ~
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What Is myofascial release?

  • Myofascial release is
    • a hands-on, whole body therapy
    • a slower, gentler technique than ordinary sports massage
  • Myofascial release…
    • improves the health and consistency of the fascial tissue
  • Fascial tissue becomes restricted as the result of trauma, inflammation, and repetitive stress
  • Restrictions within the fascia can result in pain, numbness, decreased blood flow, and altered structural alignment
  • Fascial restrictions are caused by:

    • Injury or trauma (physical or emotional)

    • Inflammation

    • Repetitive training

    • Poor saddle fit

    • Poor nutrition

    • Bad footing

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